Buying Wheels and Tyres for Your 4WD

If you’re changing your vehicle’s appearance, 4WD wheels and tyres are likely to be one of your first purchases. This change alone can turn a vehicle from mild to wild without a huge investment of labour. Many drivers elect to replace the factory wheels with larger versions, and low-profile tyres allow larger rims to fit inside unmodified wheel wells. If you’re in one of the groups listed below, low-profile tyres can be a great enhancement.

You’re Looking for the Big-Wheel Look

Some drivers force too-small tyres onto big rims to get the desired look. While it can give short-term results, it can also shred the tyres fairly quickly. An overstretched tyre is still likely to blow out, even if it doesn’t come apart. It’s possible to get the look without significant risk; most manufacturers offer low-profile tyres that fit larger wheels.

You Want Increased Handling

High-performance tyres and top branded 4WD custom wheels offer finesse through the curves, and many race-ready tyres are legal for street use. However, changes in the size of wheels can affect the vehicle’s brakes, steering, speedometer, odometer and suspension. While big rims may slightly decrease fuel economy, acceleration times will decline as well.

Buying Wheels and Tyres for Your 4WD2

You Like to Show Off

At rallies and shows, winners normally get the trophy by paying attention to small details. A vehicle’s look is determined partially by the way it sits on its wheels. A small angle adjustment on a vehicle’s wheels can change its entire look, and low-profile tyres can really set off those custom wheels.

You Live in the City

Low-profile tyres have shorter sidewalls that give them more responsiveness on city roads. However, the decreased flexibility and width make them more likely to become damaged. If you’re in the city, this shouldn’t be a problem, but if you live on a rugged road, low-profile tyres aren’t the best choice unless you can afford to replace them frequently.

A Smooth Ride Isn’t Important

When you switch from factory-spec tyres to the low-profile variety, you may give up a lot in terms of comfort. The extra height of a larger sidewall gives the tyres a bit of cushioning, as long as the rest of the vehicle is properly maintained. A low-profile tyre on 4WD rims has a larger area of contact with the road, so it grips better. However, it also allows the driver to feel every bump. If you don’t mind that, a set of low-profile tyres may be right for you.

Always check your local laws to ensure that you’re allowed to make the wheel changes you want. Legislation may limit your options as far as wheel mods are concerned. Regardless of what you choose, be sure to go with a reputable 4WD wheels and tyre dealer when you upgrade your wheels and tyres.

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