The Harley Davidson is a classic ride when it comes to American motorcycles. People who like Harley Davidson support the company passionately, being loyal fans of the iconic brand. Many people see Harleys riding around their town a lot without ever considering why the bikes are so loved. In this article, I’m going to be breaking down the top reasons to own a Harley Davidson motorcycle and why.

1. The Sound

Ah, the iconic Harley sound. We’ve all heard it while driving around town, the loud and aggressive roar of the bike cruising down the city street. This is a sound that many Harley owners have come to adore. This all comes from the engine where each piston fires on every revolution, making the iconic popping sound that Harleys are known for. All in all, this unique sound distinguishes Harley riders from any other bike rider on the road

2. Easy to work on

Another great thing about Harleys is that they are easy to work on. They do not need to be chain cleaned or even lubed because the bike has belts. Also, new Harleys have long service intervals between them, making your bike last longer before it needs to be taken in. Old ones are also very easy to work on.

3. Heavy Bike

An aspect about the bike that many riders seem to enjoy is the bike’s overall heaviness. This weight makes sure that the bike and its rider don’t get thrown around the road like lighter bikes do. Harley’s solid, stable frame allows riders to tour the country at ease. The bike has greater rake angles and has a longer wheelbase than other bikes. Mix this with a comfortable saddle and the bike is absolutely untouchable on the road. Whether it’s traveling from coast to coast or a trip down to Miami, it’s definitely a trip you won’t regret.

4. Long Life

Adding to my third point, Harleys have a great lifespan. Even though they may leak at times, they will for sure last a long time in the long run. Having very robust and durable engines, they can last forever especially the blockhead engine. In fact, there’s an actual Harley Davidson at the Sturgis Motorcycle museum that has over a million miles on it! Even though the current Twin-head engine doesn’t match-up to its durable counterpart, it can still be user serviceable nonetheless. It can still be a very long lived motor as long as the bike owner gives it the attention it truly deserves.

5. Quality Merchandise

Like I said in the beginning, fans of Harley Davidson absolutely love their merchandise as they wear it day in and day out due to its superior quality. In 2015 alone, the company sold $292 million in merchandise! The leather jackets and the biker boots are all highly sought after by many people discluding bikers. Their functionality proves to be stylish while aiding the rider on long trips. In the end, Harley Davidson has superior quality to any other brand out there.
Overall, Harley Davidsons are one of the best bikes out there to own. Not only do they make riding safe, fun, and secure but they also have superior quality as well. From their comfortability to their long life, they are definitely a bike you shouldn’t pass up.