Cloud-based car diagnostics are made possible by the presence of machine learning algorithms that are used to calculate in real time, the most probable solution to multiple problems. The result is in-depth diagnosis and short repair periods.
The connected car data aids in continuous data updates to the vast knowledge of diagnostics. This makes vehicle diagnosis affordable and quick, with the same outcome as traditional methods.
Every day, the vehicle diagnostic software and hardware gets better to bring users more functional and sustainable solutions.

  • A GPS receiver
  • Bluetooth radio
  • A dongle that plugs into an OBD-II port on the dashboard

There is a user manual with instructions on how to set it up. This process takes about 60 seconds if done correctly.
There are different types of software depending on the user needs.

  • Starter
  • Pro
  • Expert
  • Telematics

Telematics refers to the transmission of data over a long distance, using wireless means. The telematic diagnostic platform keeps track of the vehicle’s information and alerts the user about potential malfunctions. They also figure out the reason for the problem and give solutions.
Ultimately, telematics allows for continued vehicle reliability. Some common telematics features include:

  1. Automatic crash alerts to necessary authority and provides them with the vehicle’s location
  2. SOS assistance in case of emergencies
  3. Monthly report on your vehicle’s condition
  4. Giving directions

How the Software Works in Real Life
Once installed in your car, the make, year of manufacture and model of your car will come up on the menu. The vehicle’s data such as the battery voltage information, current location, and trouble-code will start broadcasting.
You can also move the dongle to other cars to check their data. The dongle works by reading the car data and sending it to the cloud. Here, the data is processed and made easily available to the driver
CloudBased Diagnostics
Here are five examples of cloud-based diagnostics:

1.    Vehicle Remote Diagnostics- Cloud Based

This application serves to exchange data between a user’s mobile device and the cloud. The information is displayed in a mobile app. If the information in the server changes, it will be reflected on the mobile phone as well’

  • Information stored in the cloud can be accessed using a phone
  • A mobile phone can be used to send commands to the server
  • The information refreshes automatically after every 20 seconds.
  • The server sends notification in case there is an update

2.    Remote Vehicle Diagnostics (RVD)

The flexibility of RVD makes it possible for users to integrate partial or full RVD functions into their own solution.

  • Sends out maintenance notifications to users
  • Offers complete maintenance management from fault analysis to recommendations

3.    Augmented Reality Diagnostics

ARD is very efficient as it combines tracking, object recognition, and task-oriented user interfaces.

  • Enhanced reliability
  • Full technical information about the vehicle
  • Reduced warranty cost
  • Vehicles are identified automatically
  • Automatic fault detection
  • Direct interaction with users
  • Better customer experience
  • More efficient technicians

4.    OBD Dongle

Plugging the OBD-BT-Dongle adapter into the OBD port of vehicles provides diagnostics through a device that is connected via Bluetooth.
It’s possible to load a script containing the vehicle’s information directly onto OBD-BT-Dongle, enabling deeper diagnostics that would be the case with standard OBD.

  • Extra monitoring of the battery
  • Uses Bluetooth
  • Supports Apple products
  • Has an event recorder
  • Has an OBD message monitor

5.    CUTE

The CUTE unit is a compact self-contained on-board device that combines the telematics platform with the cellular communications.
The unit can be mounted inside a vehicle’s cabin.

  • Has a SIM card slot
  • Supports Apple products
  • Uses Bluetooth
  • Has a full GSM module for automobiles
  • Comes with a backup battery that lasts approximately 60 minutes
  • Has a high sensitivity multi GNSS receiver