Top Tips For Packing Your Personal Goods To Clear The Australian Quarantine Inspection

While packing things to ship to Australia, you have to consider a number of factors. Since Australia is geographically secluded from other continents, it has very few agricultural pests and diseases. Australian Government is keen about keeping the country so.

Even inside the country, you cannot move certain foods between states. Therefore, Australia has one of the most strict quarantine programs in the world for items imported from other nations. Breaching quarantine laws is considered a very serious offence here.

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Quarantine Rules

It’s essential to ensure if all personal items including footwear, bicycles, sporting equipment, pet blankets, garden tools, camping gear and vacuum cleaners are totally free of grass, mud, dust and other organic material.

Next, check all the wooden furniture to see if there are signs of insect infestations. If you see such signs, the infestation should be completely removed before packing or the items should be left behind. Consider using new packing containers so as to stay away from any possibility of infestation.

You better take help from a specialist in quarantine cleaning services to ensure your goods are totally cleaned and ready to land in Australia safely.

By making sure your goods are sufficiently cleaned and cautiously packed, you can bring down the cost of a quarantine inspection. Depending on the time taken by the Australian Quarantine Inspection Service (AQIS) to check your goods, you will be charged.

It will be easier and quicker for quarantine officers to check your goods if you pack all the goods that need special checking, like garden tools and shoes, in one box.


What Can You Bring?

It’s recommended that you email Australian Customs and Border Protection Services if you are not certain about an item you want to bring with you into Australia. This is the best place where you can inquire.

Declaring Property

If you are going to travel to Australia by air, you will get an Incoming Passenger Card. This is a legal form wherein you can tick YES if you are carrying anything including plant matter, animal products or food. However, you can also throw any of these items into the trash bins before reaching customs if you choose not to declare them.

Remember that your luggage may be inspected with an x-ray machine or a sniffer dog while you are leaving the airport terminal.

If you declare the items that are prohibited to bring in the country, no problem, as you won’t be penalised.

However, if you violate the rules, you could receive an on-the-spot quarantine infringement notice of $220 or fine of over $66,000, create a criminal record and have to spend 10 years in jail.


While packing, it is also essential to check that your goods are packed safely for the safety of the people who will ship them.

Make sure all sharp implements like knives are wrapped securely so that they cannot hurt the people who would pack them.

Goods that contain fuel, e.g. weed trimmers, lawn mowers, chainsaws, camping stoves and leaf blowers should be packed after their tanks are totally emptied.

List of Packing and Unaccompanied Effects Statement

You will have to produce a packing list of all your goods and an Unaccompanied Effects Statement, also called B534 form to the Australian authorities. You can download the form from the website of the Australian Quarantine Inspection Service (AQIS).

The AQIS website is your lifesaver as it has all the information on preparing personal goods for international shipping and what you should do if AQIS chooses to check your property.