SkyActiv Technology Features in Mazda Cars

To increase the fuel efficiency and to maximize engine output, Mazda Motor Corporation, also called as Mazda has introduced a series of Technology which they call it SkyActiv. The technology didn’t limit itself to the margins of fuel and engine, but has covered every important aspect of automobile engineering namely, body, transmissions and chassis that were launched back through their products in 2011.

To make driving experience better came up with a new automobile technology namely, Skyactiv-Vehicle Dynamics which works on G-Vectoring Control. This technology is to achieve a smooth and less exhaustive drive. The system adjusts the delivery power and shifts the weight of the vehicle. As an effect driving gets subtler.

The Skyactiv technology works best on the performance for fuel. Starting from the construction of the body to the technology behind engine, it enhances the performance for both.

From the Seaside Mazda dealerships we got to know about the Skyactiv features in detail. Here they go:

Human-Centric Engineering Mapping Human Instinctive Behavior

With the purpose of instilling the joy of driving into every model from Mazda, the Skyactiv technology was developed on the philosophy of making it human-centric. It focused more on the instinctive behavior of people instead of the mechanism of the vehicle dynamics. The effort has shown results in the precise steering, gaining better control and reduce journey fatigue.

The Skyactiv-Vehicle Dynamics emphasized on G-Vectoring Control that steers with precision as it optimizes the load control in the vehicle.

Making the Driving Experience Smarter Than Before

There are drivers who strive and drive for sheer pleasure of driving. But pleasure does depend on a free mind that is not always blocked with the fear of exhausting money. Thus, fuel efficiency matters, when it comes to the pleasure of driving. Moreover, it should not be done at the cost of performance.

Hence, the Skyactive engineers paved a way to enhance both the aspects. By maximizing driving dynamics, fuel efficiency and performance, they made sure every driving trip ends with a smile.

Skyactiv-G stands for Gasoline for Cleaner and Fuel-Efficient Engines

Mazda invented a smarter engine replacing the traditional internal combustion engines that could bring out only 30 percent of the total potential energy of the fuel. It has pushed the limits of the internal combustion, by 2.5L gasoline engines that can deliver much better fuel efficiency. As a result, even the compression ratios improved way higher than the conventional engines. The technology works by compressing the air-fuel mixture inside the cylinders to a high level squeezing out the maximum energy possible from the smallest quantity of fuel.

Transmissions with Automatic Drive 6-Speed

According to the Mazda dealership near Seaside, SkyActiv was initiated by Mazda to incorporate a Drive 6-speed in the automatic shifts to achieve a smoother, quicker and more stable acceleration. Its control module has been advanced to ensure high precision performance, better responsive behavior while boosting up the efficiency.

Summing Up

The aim of creating a technology like Skyactiv is to cut down the current discomforts of driving as well as the risks. With the introduction of Skyactiv, Mazda has proved that a difference in the driving experience does matter.