Old But Gold How Take Care Old Trucks


Most trucks are used for different purposes. Old trucks are affordable and thus, see more action on the road. Some of them serve as family cars while others use it for delivery and courier services. For whatever purpose they are for, it’s important to know that the safety of the passengers matters most.

Important check-ups should be a priority especially for those vehicles that are advancing in age. A lot of these trucks regularly face the extremes. Rust, friction, stress, and other factors can become the reason of an accident. To avoid that, a truck driver or owner should know the basics when it comes to doing checks.

Here are some tips that owners should keep in mind.

Oil Change


Oil is responsible for lubricating the moving parts of the engine. Friction can cause damage especially when the quality of the oil is bad. Having regular checks and changes can prevent extensive damage to the engine.

Tire Rotation


Tires can wear unevenly. Tires should be rotated every time an oil change is scheduled to prevent uneven wearing. Rotating tires effectively extend their lives, thus reducing the need for a costly tire change.



If a truck veers on the other side too much, then it is a sign that it is in need of a wheel alignment. Truck accidents often happen when drivers ignore this maintenance check. Old trucks usually have problems with wheel alignments.

Air Filter


Engines often need clean air to operate. Swap out those old air filters every 20 to 30,000 miles. Having a clean filter maximizes the output and efficiency of the engine, especially those who travel on long dirt roads.



A faulty light can make a difference between life and death on the road. Ensure that lights are working to not hamper visibility.


Trucks are full of muscle and can perform a lot of tasks, depending on what the owner wants. From carrying a family to transporting goods, trucks can be very reliable. Due to the changes that time brings, that reliability often becomes diminished especially if an owner neglects proper maintenance.

There is a saying that states, “Old But Gold.” This saying means that old trucks with the right amount of maintenance checks can just as be good as brand new vehicles.