Today, many people lease cars as opposed to buying one because leasing is stress free, among other reasons. There is joy and excitement in purchasing a new vehicle, for sure, especially if you only get one every five to six, sometimes seven, years, but does that excitement really offset the high monthly prices? Automobile owners are reluctant to buy new cars because they’ve usually just paid off the note to their old car, and may be concerned about cash flow, but leasing has a lesser impact on your cash balance overall.
There are circumstances in life that definitely make leasing a car more beneficial than buying one. Lifestyle changes, such as beginning a family or moving away, are one reason that a customer may lease a vehicle instead of buying, because they are comforted by the flexibility of a lease.
Most young professionals, and older business people as well, love to drive the hottest new cars, and if you are slightly restricted for cash flow, then leasing a vehicle would be better for you, since you can get a better car for your buck. You can continue to show your prestige, and prominence, with a new vehicle every two to three years, and the payments on a leased vehicle are much less than that of a purchased vehicle, since leasers pay less for depreciation. If you reside in any of the big Canadian cities – Toronto, Vancouver, Halifax – the most popular trend is to lease an automobile.
When it comes to deciding whether to lease or buy, a general guide would be to remember that car payments are based on how much the car costs. If leasing a car, you pay less for depreciation, and the payments are based on the depreciated value of the car during the time of your lease because the car will decline in value. Payments on a leased vehicle are much less, and in some cases may even afford drivers a tax break.
If you are one of those people who gets excited and anxious to drive the hottest new cars, leasing is the option you want to take. Leasing from dealerships in Canada will allow you to get the vehicle that you have always dreamed of, but perhaps didn’t have the financial means to buy. With leasing, you don’t have to worry about scrimping and saving for a down payment either – you can just head right into the dealership, ask about luxury car leasing options and then pick the car you want. You also don’t have to worry about the cost of vehicle maintenance when you lease, because oftentimes new leased cars are still under their factory warranty.
Leasing is the stress free option for obtaining a new car, especially if you want something nice to drive without the accompanying price tag. You have no need to stress over the upkeep of the vehicle because maintenance is covered by factory warranty usually, and no need to stress over selling the car after the lease is finished. Take the lower payments, get a short two to three year lease, and enjoy the ride!