The world is witnessing a three way push-and-pull between Google, Apple and the car companies. Just like in various other sectors, here too, the entire market warfare is to ensure control over your dashboard. Initially car’s native software is the preferred choices but with the advent of the upcoming choices and competition, better options with higher quality have become available. This has led to the consumer acquiring the centre-stage and hence making his choice based needs. Amidst all this, the two popular technologies include the Google version of its which is popularly known as Android auto while the Apple version of the same is popularly called Apple CarPlay. The Hyundai Winter Park has been the continuously witnessing queries pertaining to the two popular choices involving Android Google and Apple.
Let’s understand the two, their functions and compatibility.
Apple CarPlay      
Low in demand initially, it started appearing more frequently in vehicles later on. It not only allows in making hands-free calls but also allows easy text access, music cueing and a lot more. It is primarily car-oriented iPhone applications with easy interface displaying larger buttons and graphics.  CarPlay works with iPhone 5 and the other later models.
All automakers offer some support for CarPlay; however there are other considerations surrounding it. The compatibility of CarPlay can be dicey though one can use Siri and Apple Map service once the phone is connected. It is also very easy to use. Once the phone is connected into the dashboard, the car detects the phone and an automatic pop-up displaying CarPlay emerges. This can be done using a cable or wireless services. All CarPlay applications support Siri for hands-free control. One important consideration is that most CarPlay functions will work only when cell signals are available but in case the car model has own built-in navigation system, them the signals are not needed.
Android Auto
Just like CarPlay, Android Auto collates the android features and places it directly on the car’s dashboard.  It displays information in a known and easy-to-operate interface. One of the best features related to Android Auto is the Google Maps-powered navigation system. It offers step-by-step directions and automatically detects and alternative path if the traffic is detected anywhere. It offers the flexibility to automatically use the saved destinations in the mobile phone so that one doesn’t have to manually type in the address for “Home,” “Work,” or other favorite locations. The software allows the driver to toggle between millions of songs and podcasts allows web surfing facilities and also allows the phone call services and the short message services to stay connected with your peers.
The setup of Hyundai dealer Winter Park region includes appropriate number of enquiry kiosks to address any such query or question of the potential car buyers, who are interested in buying 2019 Tucson and confused about the compatibility issues pertaining to Android and Apple based technology.  So no more driving your old car and adjust spaces get a Tucson for your family and drive in style.