How to Save Money when Buying a Used car

If you go the market to buy a used car recently, it is likely that the prices of the cars may shock you. Nowadays, you cannot find a car of less than $ 1,000, unless the car is 20 years old, has an old body and needs repair. Today, the prices of second-hand cars are high because people keep their cars for a long time.

Here are some tips on how to save money when buying a used car.

  1. Know what you want. Do not buy a used car because of the price. Buy one according to your needs and desires. You can certainly find a good deal on a five years old subcompact, but if you want a family sedan, then you should go for larger models or midsize.
  2. Establish a budget. How much can you afford to pay for a used car? Will you be looking for funding? If you make monthly payments, what can you afford to pay each month? Of course, it is easier to pay with cash, but with the prices of used cars close to the price of new cars, financing won’t be a bad idea.
  3. Buy privately if possible. If you buy a used car from a dealer, there is great chance that you will pay more for that car than buying from a private individual. A private party puts you in a better position to negotiate. You can check the value of the car via Kelley Blue Book
  4. When buying from a dealer is the best option. Although buying a used car from a private party can save you some money, there are instances when it is better to make a purchase from the distributors if your vehicle is one or two years old. Here is the reason: many late models used vehicles sold by car dealers have the original guarantee on them. Besides, it can be a “certified used car,” which means it has been subject to vigorous multi-point check to ensure that it remains in good shape. You will pay more for this type of vehicle, but it is definitely worth the extra cost.

Discussions about used cars

Always reach out to your insurance agent before buying any car, new or used. Find out what your premium will be for this car – even among similar cars, prices can vary, because insurers consider many factors in calculating your rate. Finally, take a car you are thinking of buying to a mechanic for evaluation and proper check. You will pay about $ 100 for a thorough check; it is good to ensure everything is ok.

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