Driving tips for the visitors in the United Kingdom

If you are visiting the United Kingdom and planning to drive vehicle there you must strictly follow their traffic rules. For most of the foreign drivers, keep in mind that British drive on the wrong side i.e. left side of the road. You must practice properly before actually hitting the road and it is suggested you take some theory course to familiarize yourself. For people who are from the USA or Canada please note that most of the cars in the UK have a manual transmission. So if you are planning to rent a car make sure you ask for automatic cars specifically. This will make your ride comfortable.

Speed limit

Most of the speed limits in the UK are indicated on a circular white sign with black numbers and red border. The speed limits signs in the UK are indicated by miles. To convert miles into kilometers remember the equation (5 miles = 8 km). The speed limit for the drivers varies from area to area. There are school areas where the limit is dropped to 20mph and the areas with less immediate danger have a speed limit of 50 mph. you will be slapped with a fine for breaking the speed limit. The penalty differs on the amount of limit you have broken.

Driving on a freeway (motorway)

Motorways must not be used by pedestrians, cyclist, horses, license holders of motorcycle less than 500cc and provisional license holder for motorcycle and car. This is specifically designed for heavy motors including cars. Please note that when you find a clear road you must drive in the left-hand lane. You should never drive faster than the 75mph or the highest speed limit of your vehicle. You are monitored constantly by different police cars while on the motorway hence it is a good idea to drive with care and precautions.

Traffic lights

You must understand properly about the traffic light sequence in order to prepare yourself to stop and go at the right time. In the UK some traffic lights may have green filter arrow which is the indication for filter lane only. You should proceed on this light only if you are intending to go through the filter lane. The light sequence in the UK is Red – red and amber – green – amber – red. You must always stop when the amber light is on. It is driving offense not to stop when amber light is on.

Schools, pedestrians, and zebra-crossings

While driving you might come across places that are more sensitive and requires extra attention. The speed limit of such places are usually low to 20mph. you must never go above this speed and always be vigilant to see if there are any dangers on your way. Pedestrians wait at the side of the road and must be given priority if they are crossing roads.

There are other factors to be considered like your communication with other drivers and while parking that you must be careful too. It is better to learn all traffic rules and regulations before you go out driving in the UK.