Automobile Companies: Trends Shaping their Digital Presence

The digital exploits of the automotive industry are currently governed by two significant forces. On one hand, we have got these uber tech-savvy shoppers with almost ubiquitous access to the internet and on the other, we have this service delivery model prioritizing customer experience without fail. Automotive SEO today is all about living up to the aftermath of the digital disruption which took place in the year 2016.

Today, in the course of the post, we will be discussing a few ways with the help of which automotive dealers can actually end up bolstering their digital presence. Read on in order to be duly guided.

Are you only investing in Search Engine Marketing?

Let us tell you at the very onset that investing solely in your Search Engine Marketing exploits will not really help. As per reports, dealers – as they understand the significance of being found on Bing or Google actually end up spending more than $5000 a month on SEM or Search Engine Marketing. However, as has already been mentioned above, investing solely in search engine marketing will not really do. What we call one-trick pony digital campaigns – are bound to underperform in the years to come. It was found that dealers investing in multiple social media channels actually ended up taking advantage of 37% more conversions when compared to the ones that resorted to Search Engine marketing alone. The aim of the entire study was to measure the incremental impact on the SEM performance that also included Facebook video promotions.

Are you going offline after 5?

If Car Dealer Marketing is not solely about search engine marketing it is also not about restricting their business operations till 5 p.m. It has been noticed that post 5 pm most of the dealers go offline. It happens mostly with local dealers since conducting digital operations beyond 5 pm is actually way beyond their budget. However, by going offline after 5 you are actually throwing open the field to your competitors. The solution to this problem would be to resort to technology that would help you maximize your digital visibility during the day itself. Automotive dealers – for one- are constantly urged to turn to webinars that will actually help them explore this technology in a better fashion. The more you learn the more adept do you become at understanding nuances.

Benefits of Multichannel campaigns explored further

You may not have realized it yet but let us tell you that multichannel campaigns actually result in the reduction of campaign costs. Talk about effective retargeting efforts, banner ads, digital videos or for that matter Facebook, your Cost Per Acquisition or CPA can even go down to one-third of what you are paying on an average if you are exploring multiple digital channels.

As an automotive dealer, make sure you are banking on the skills of credentialed marketers with substantial exposure to this particular industry (i.e. automobile). A thorough internet research will help you in accordance. Make sure you are investing due time and effort towards that end.