7 Ways you could be killing your car

Owning a car can either be a cure or a blessing depending on how well you take care of your vehicle. As drivers, we might be doing things that might not be good for the car and ends up not affecting the performance and sometimes even the lifespan of your car. This post is aimed at inexperienced car owners and is going to highlight some of the things you might be doing wrong with your vehicle which can lead to unexpected damages and outrageous repair costs.

Ignoring ‘Check Engine’ light – Some drivers see a warning light and ignore it because they think it might not be urgent they can probably get to it later. The problem with that is, you never know how severe the damage or issue is until you check it out. If left to be addressed at the later time you’ll be allowing the problem to fester and worsen which might lead to more expensive repair costs.

Driving with a cold engine – This may not sound or seem important but if done often this can cause long term damage to the car. Your engine is at its most vulnerable when cold and high revving or other undue stress on the engine will stop the burn process leaving acids and other toxins in the engine. Leaving your engine to warm up for 10 to 30 seconds and drive slowly building up speed the longer you drive.

Neglecting your Tyres – Checking your tyres should be a regular occurrence, you should be checking your tyres for inflation, cuts, bulges and more. You should also be checking the tread depth and the wear and tear. Under inflated tyres can cause the tyres to wear out faster than it normally would, it can also negatively impact the fuel consumption and overall performance of your car. If you need to replace your tyres you can check tyres online for better and competitive prices.

Postponing servicing schedule – Vehicles need to be serviced routinely to keep it in proper working order. There is no escaping wear and tear, but you can manage it. Maintaining a regular servicing schedule will allow you to keep your car running effectively and helps reduce expensive repair costs in the future.

Driving a dirty car – Driving a dirty car also contributes to killing it, if you are driving a dirty car you run the risk of accumulating build-up of damaging chemicals and dirt which can lead to rust and interferes.

Not changing fluids – The Fluids in your vehicle are not built to last forever, you wouldn’t fry with black used oil and you shouldn’t drive with black fluids in your engine. You should be checking your fluids regularly along with the filters, this all helps to ensure that your vehicle runs dependably as well as extending its life.

Severe driving – Driving under severe conditions can cause major troubles for your car down the road. Drivers cannot predict extreme weathers or severe traffic, but they can drive smarter by observing the speed limit, avoiding aggressive driving and so much more.